База знаний MU Online

Дроп (Orb, Scroll, Parchment)


Карта Скролл Орб Пергамент
Elbeland 1-3
Kalima 1
Scroll of Fire Ball
Scroll of Power Wave
Scroll of Lighting
Scroll of Teleport
Scroll of Meteorite
Scroll of Ice
- Drain Life Parchment
Noria - Orb of Summoning
Healing Orb
Orb of Greater Fortitude
Orb of Greater Damage

Devias 1-4
Dungeon 1-3
Kalima 2

Atlans 1-3

Losttower 1-7

Scroll of Poison
Scroll of Flame
Scroll of Twister
Scroll of Evil Spirit
Scroll of Hellfire
Orb of Impale
Orb of Twisting Slash
Orb of Fire Slash
Sleep Parchment
Damage Reflection Parchment

Kalima 3

Tarkan 1-2

Scroll of Critical Damage
Scroll of Aqua Beam
Scroll of Electric Spark
Scroll of Soul Barrier
Scroll of Summon
Scroll of Cometfall
Scroll of Inferno
Orb of Greater Fortitude
Orb of Penetration
Orb of Death Stab
Orb of Rageful Blow
Berserker Parchment
Chain Lightning Parchment
Tarkan 1-2
Aida 1-3
Kanturu 1-3
Kalima 4
Scroll of Teleport Ally
Scroll of Ice Storm
Breche Scroll
Scroll of Fire Burst
Orb of Ice Arrow Weakness Parchment
Innovation Parchment
Kanturu Relics
Karutan 1-2
Swamp of Calmness
La Cleon 1-3
Kalima 5-7
Scroll of Decay
Scroll of Nova
Scroll of Wizardry Enhance
Scroll of Gigantic Storm
Scroll of Fire Scream
Crystal of Multi-Shot
Crystal of Destruction
Crystal of Flame Strike
Crystal of Recovery
Lightning Shock Parchment