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Pets (Домашние животные)




Guardian Angel Absorb 20% of Damage
Increases Maximum Health +50

Imp Increases attack and wizardry by 30%

Horn of Uniria  

Horn of Dinorant Increases damage by 15%
Absorb 10% of damage

Dark Horse  

Dark Raven  

Horn of Fenrir Horn of Fenrir Red
Plasma Storm (Mana:50)

Horn of Fenrir +Destroy Horn of Fenrir Black
Plasma Storm (Mana:50)
Increases final damage by 10%
Increases Movement Speed

Horn of Fenrir +Protect Horn of Fenrir Blue
Plasma Storm (Mana:50)
Absorbs 10% of final damage
Increases Movement Speed

Horn of Fenrir +Illusion Horn of Fenrir Gold
Plasma Storm (Mana:50)
200 HP increase
200 Mana
33 attack power increase
16 wizardy increase

Demon Increases Attack Power and Wizardry by 40%

Spirit of Guardian Absorbs monsters damage to your character by 30%
Increases Maximum Life by 50

Pet Rudolf Collects zen automaticall

Pet Panda EXP 20% increase
Сollects Zen around
Increase defensive skill +50
Wear it with Panda Transformation Ring and get 20% extra EXP

Pet Unicorn Collects zen automatically
Zen increase +50%
Defensibility + 50

Pet Skeleton Collects zen automatically
Attack power/Wizardry/Curse spell 20% increase
Attack speed increase +10
Exp 30% increase
Wear it with Skeleton Transformation Ring and get 30% extra EXP